Pine Forest

1/2 Hour

Adult $55 per person

An easy ride through a pine forest. This is suited for nervous beginners and children.


Minimum age 4 years

Lake View

1 Hour

Adult $95, Child $85

Consists of a gentle trek through larch and pine forest to the leading south ridge of Mt John, with fantastic views of Lake Tekapo and surrounding station country, then a gentle wander down the hill to the lake and finally walking back through oak, silver birch and pine forest.


Minimum age 6 years

Mountain Top

2 Hour

Adult $150, Child $130

A stunning ride around the base of Mount John with a breathtaking view of the lake and, from the North end of the mountain, breathtaking views of the Alps and the huge expanse of the Mackenzie Country.


Minimum age 8 years (unless the child has plenty of horse riding experience)

Glacier Country

3.5 Hour

$199 per person

Depending on the weather, this is a ride that takes in the other rides features, but you get the chance to travel on horseback to Lake Alexandrina on the western side of Lake Tekapo. You will appreciate how harsh this land must have been to the early settlers whilst travelling back across this part of The Mackenzie Basin. An absolute must for camera enthusiasts. (Minimum 2 persons).


Minimum age 9 years (unless the child has plenty of horse riding experience).


Subject to availability. Booking required.

Weight limit for all treks is 105kgs (Please advise us if you are over 90kgs).

We close during the winter months. Child rates apply to those under 15 years.